Pyrenees walking holidays

The Pyrenees is famous for its way marked walking routes to suit all ages and walk duration. We have various books of walks avaiable at the Moulin but below is one you can do from the doorstep. The Moulin is  an ideal location for Pyrenees walking holidays.

Short walks from the Moulin

1) A recommended circuit walk from the Moulin starts from the back drive. Walk to the Aire de Segelas on the main St Girons Foix road. Turn left and take the first left at a small house with netting fence and 2 barking dogs! This road leads you up a hill where you take a left turn towards a hamlet called Ordas. This quiet road takes you back towards Durban, the other side of the river from the Moulin. You will have views of Mont Vallier in the distance. Continue through Ordas and down the hill into Duban sur Arize, where you cross the river and turn left back to the Moulin by the front drive. Takes about 1.5 hours.

2)  A shorter walk, 30 minutes, is to proceed up the front drive towards Durban, turn left at the rubbish bin proceed back in the opposite direction and turn right to take the road through Segelas, A village 40 years behind the times, The road brings you back to our D15, proceed back to the Moulin down the back drive. This walk can be added to the one above.

3) There is also an excellent walk from Durban sur Arize to Castelnau Durban where you can stop for a pastis or 2 or even lunch at Chez Victors and walk slowly back along the Voie Verte, Or get picked up. The walk starts on the track at the left hand side of the Chambres d’hôte in Durban.

You can combine walks 1 and 3 to create a 3 hr walk that keeps you off the Durban sur Arize road bar the distance from The Moulin to the Aire de Segalas. For walks starting at Durban sur Arize it is worth considering driving down to Durban to avoid the road, and pick up the car with another car after the walk.